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Trek into the heart of adventure, intrigue and mystery as you explore the terrain of far-off regions of the world. Discover your courageous spirit as this exotic landscape unfolds before you.
Attractions & Entertainment  
Festival of the Lion King
Witness this colorful pageant of music and dance inspired by and celebrating Disney's animated classic, "The Lion King." The vibrant collaboration of live performers, stunning costumes and exotic scenery blends perfectly in this fantastic show that is sure to please your entire family.

FP - A Disney's FASTPASS® attraction
Jungle River Cruise
Traverse the waterways of the world's most hidden regions on this exotic journey where intrigue, surprises and jungle humor await you at every bend.
Tarzan's Treehouse
Explore Tarzan’s moss-and-vine covered dwelling, inspired by Disney’s animated feature, “Tarzan.” Explore the Treehouse, conduct scientific experiments and learn the story of this human child raised by gorillas.
Street Entertainment
The jungle is alive with invigorating entertainment. The beats delight any who pass through this lively land. Enjoy any number of entertainers certain to bring a smile to your face. Return often to see which of these magical merrymakers is performing: Jungle Puppet Carnival, Enchanted Village Drummers, Tam Tam Drum Circle or Jammin' Drum Adventures.
Liki Tikis
Follow the rhythm of the jungle drums to a circle of mysterious tikis that surprise unsuspecting explorers with refreshing blasts of water.
Tahitian Terrace Restaurant
Sit beneath the swaying palms and watchful eyes of the tiki gods as you experience the exotic cuisine of South Asian and Guangdong-style barbeque and wok-fried dishes.
River View Café
Relax to the soothing sounds of the Rivers of Adventure rolling by as you soak up the Colonial ambiance and family-style fixed menu of this dining destination.
Quick Snacks for All
Refresh yourself and loved ones with a quick snack from our outdoor carts, such as jumbo sausage, scoop ice cream and squid tentacles.

Service Type: Snack
Professor Porter's Trading Post
Take home a piece of the jungle from this Tahitian-themed trading post that is also the base for Professor Porter’s scientific experiments.
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