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Main Street USA
Welcome to this turn-of-the-20th century American town. Take a stroll in the quaint streets or ride in old-fashioned vehicles. Join the lively day parades and watch the exciting fireworks at night.
Attractions & Entertainment
High School Musical: LIVE!

What time is it? Time for High School Musical: LIVE! Be part of this high-energy, interactive show as this smash hit film comes to life. Join the performers as they dance and sing hit songs from the movies, including "What Time Is It?" and "Getcha Head in the Game." You may find yourself shooting hoops or joining in as the whole street turns into a rockin' party that's fun for all ages!

Art of Animation
Come see the stages of animation from sketches, to animated cells and maquettes! You won't believe your eyes as static characters from Toy Story come to life when the amazing Zoetrope begins to spin!
Muppet Mobile Lab
Dr Bunsen Honeydew, the head scientist, and Beaker, his loyal assistant, have brought their fully mobile, two-wheeled, egg-shaped interactive laboratory to the Park. Always excited to share his latest eccentric experiments, Dr Honeydew will be looking for "lab assistants" to participate. Get ready to find the answers to great scientific mysteries and observe firsthand their unconventional discoveries. We suggest you leave the more elaborate demonstrations to Beaker, his dependable test subject, just in case they go awry!
Disney In The Stars
Witness the night sky come alive with this dazzling pyrotechnic pageant. Amazing fireworks explode to the masterfully choreographed sounds of classic Disney music. It's an awesome display that will send you into a colorful world where anything is possible and dreams really do come true.
Disney On Parade
Put a smile on your face as you enjoy floats, musicians, dancers and beloved Disney Characters that star in a magical procession bringing the streets of Main Street, U.S.A. to life. This wondrous promenade features well-loved Disney Characters from such classics from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" to today's family favorites.
Animation Academy
"Draw" on your imagination to discover how you can sketch Disney animated characters. Join the fun as a Disney artist shares magical secrets that allows you to draw like you never dreamed possible. You won't believe the magic that happens right in front of your eyes - faster than you can say "Mickey Mouse."
Main Street Vehicles
Ride aboard period vehicles, including a Paddy Wagon or Main Street Taxi, as you travel back a century or so in time to the hustle-bustle of small-town America at the dawn of a new age. Experience the spirit of "anything is possible." This can be anybody's hometown — the modern age offers limitless opportunity and hope lives around every corner.
Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad
Hop on and ride the rails aboard Walt Disney's great passion: the steam-powered locomotive. These meticulous and loving recreated antique trains chug around the park while you relax and take in the wondrous view. It's a great way to be transported to another era and another area of Hong Kong Disneyland. Presented by UPS.
Main Street Entertainment
Enjoy the classic songs and four-part harmonies of the charming Dapper Dan barbershop quartet. Tap your toes to the lively New Orleans-style jazz piano of this masterful ragtime piano player. And strike up the band! A musical parade is in full swing and you don't want to miss it. Main Street, U.S.A. is alive with entertainment.
Main Street City Hall
City Hall is the center of bustling activity for any small town. This is where you can receive a gracious hello and the answer to your questions. Get everything you need to make your visit to the Park as easy as possible, from directions and guide maps to making dining reservations and leaving messages. And right next door is a working fire station!
Main Street Corner Café

Have a taste of American Midwestern cooking, as well as China and South Asia food at this Victorian-style, sit down restaurant. Enjoy Mickey Mouse Waffles with black and white ice cream, Kashmiri chicken curry and more!

Service Type: Table

Plaza Inn

Inspired by the movie "Mulan", this restaurant serves Cantonese-style dim sum, signature shrimps, spring rolls, BBQ honey-glazed pork fillets and other delicious meals.

Service Type: Table

Market House Bakery

Visit this quaint bakery with a European atmosphere for a bite of Hong Kong egg custard tart, Disneyland Pizza, sandwiches and cheese cakes.

Service Type: Quick Service

Quick Bites

Refresh yourself and loved ones with snacks from our outdoor carts, such as a turkey leg, muffin or rice crisp.

Service Type: Snack

Bring home the perfect souvenir for your visit with the Hong Kong Disneyland logo. Find special edition merchandise, including mugs, t-shirts and accessories. Get your cap personalized with your name!
The Curiosity Shop
Find a whimsical gift in this unique shop, such as knick knacks and fun keepsakes sure to entertain your loved ones. The shop also offers Disney-themed clothing for men and women, as well as earrings, necklaces and purses.
Centennial Hall
Amongst the old-fashioned décor, you can find Disney-themed plush toys and clothing for children and infants.
Main Street Sweets
Treat yourself to sweets and cookies in lovely Disney-themed tins, including favorites such as chocolate cookies and soft candies, at Main Street Sweets.
Midtown Jewelry
Midtown Jewelry has gorgeous Disney-themed jewelry you will prize forever. The fine jewelry selection includes rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings in gold, diamond and silver.
Crystal Arts
Bring home a glass figurine, blown glass or etched artwork, or even a crystal collectible from the Crystal Arts store. You can even have your name etched onto the glass!
Town Square Photo
Have a professional Park photographer take your picture with your favorite Disney Character and pick it up here at the Town Square Photo store.
The above information is for reference only & subject to change without prior notice.