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As Walt Disney once said, Tomorrowland is "a vista into a world of wondrous ideas… a step into the future. Tomorrow offers new frontiers in science, adventure and ideals; the challenge of outer space… and the hope for a peaceful and unified world." People have always gazed to the heavens and dreamed of exploring the distant reaches of the universe to discover untold wonders. In Tomorrowland, that dream inspires fantastic Disney adventures.
Attractions & Entertainment  

Autopia is an attraction with electric space cars traveling through parts of Tomorrowland. Landscapes there filled with strange-looking trees and shrubs that are out of this world, as if drivers are traveling through another planet. No driver’s license is necessary, and guests of all ages will whiz down the highway and encounter all sorts of alien landscapes, promising a fun adventure for the entire family. The cars will feature on-board audio and special lighting effects, which will make the attraction even more lively at night.

Stitch Encounter
Get ready for an out-of-this-world encounter with mischievous alien experiment number 626, otherwise known as Stitch. Stitch Encounter allows guests to interact with the character Stitch from Disney's animated film Lilo and Stitch. The fun begins as Stitch interacts in real time with you, plays games with the kids and even teaches everyone how to speak Hawaiian. The show is full of comedy, action and, adventure.
UFO Zone
UFO Zone is an interactive water play area in Tomorrowland, made up of water-squirting robot, rocket ship and flying saucer, which are designed for guests of all. These UFOs are unbelieveably Fun Objects out of this world. You may get splashed with water, when pushing buttons on a robot in the play zone, or they may squirt each other with a laser gun. You should be ready to get wet and enjoy the cooling effect by the "smoking" rocket ship when it spewing fine mist.
Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
Team up with Buzz Lightyear and spin your Star Cruisers 360 degrees while you fire moveable, hand-held laser cannons. Blast enemy targets and amass points, then compare your high score with other Space Rangers or go for a personal best. Climb up the Space Ranger ranks as your scores soar to astronomical heights each time you play. Save the galaxy from the Evil Emperor Zurg and wow your friends and family.

FP - A Disney's FASTPASS® attraction
Space Mountain
Rocket at warp speed to synchronized music and sound effects on this tumult of roller-coaster fun. Launch into the inky blackness of the nether reaches of space. It's one giant leap for fun!

FP - A Disney's FASTPASS® attraction
Pilot your own rocket jet amid spinning planets in this high-in-the sky adventure. Soar as high as you dare above Tomorrowland through a whirling constellation of planets.
Starliner Diner
Before you blast off into the unknown, stop for your last bite of Earth food at this authentic American fast food joint with a twist of Asian flavor and a range of salads, burgers, fried chicken, snacks and desserts.
Comet Café 
Take a break from all your space traveling and zip over to this speedy, out-of-this-world dining location. Enjoy a fine selection of BBQ, noodles and wok-fried foods from the Jiang Nan region in China .
Grab Quick Snacks

Refresh yourself and your loved ones with quick snacks from our outdoor carts, such as hot dogs and Korean squid.

Service Type: Snack
Star Command Suppliers
Welcome to Buzz Lightyear’s space station, where he and his troop of Little Green Men recoup between intergalactic encounters with Emperor Zurg. Get your space staples — like an out-of-this world selection of Disney Character items.
Space Traders
Select from a wide range of space-age necessities and gadgets to keep you well prepared on all of your space adventures. Enjoy delightful intergalactic goods and plenty of Disney character merchandise.
The above information is for reference only & subject to change without prior notice.