Headland Ridess
The most exciting rides overlooking the sea. True cliffhangers!!  
The Abyss Turbo Drop
Ocean Park ’s latest thrill raises you up, and drops you straightdown in free fall. Making 5 seconds seem like a lifetime.

Total height: 185 feet (20 Floors)
The Dragon
Twist, turn and loop in this steel maze designed to hurt you at hurricane speeds. It’s Hong Kong’s roller coaster experience.
Overall length 842m
Maximum speed 77km/hr
Ride duration 2.5mins
Marine Land
Over a 200 million liter of life under the sea!!  
Pacific Pier
One of Ocean Park’s newest attractions takes you to the coast of California. Get up close and personal with the 20 resident seals and sea lions.

Feed Them – Have an opportunity to feed them personally!!
Atoll Reef
One of the most popular attractions of Ocean Park, the Stoff Reef will leave you mesmerized as it reveals the mysteries of the deep. Travel to the depths of the reef and discover over 2000 fishes from 250 species, including an over 80 years old and 7 feet long Giant Grouper and 22 Napoleon fish.
Shark Aquarium
Most Sharks are harmless…to people! But not all. Here you’ll come face to face with 70 sharks from 35 species as you travel through asia’s first underwater tunnel. Watch them as they glide over head, and learn about every species, including the rare species Ocean Park has been able to breed in captivity. You’ll never be this close to a shark again.
Adventure Land  
Excellent rides and scenic beauty continue in adventure land!!
Main Entrance/Lowland Gardens  
Yeeeha!! Enter the Wild West and hop aboard a train that’s out of control. The Dragon may loop. But this one’s got the drops and the turns to put your stomach in your throat again and again!!
Track length
678 m
  Maximum speed 19.8m /sec
  Average speed 6m /sec
Highest point
85m above sea level
Space Wheel  
  Test your astronaut skills on this hair-raising, vertical orbit experience.
No. of gondolas
  Diameter of the wheel 17m
  Height of the wheel 20m
Ride duration
Ocean Theatre (Marine Land)
Intelligent dolphins and adorable sea lions team up with their trainers to amaze the crowds. Get your seats while you can. It’s a hugely popular marine mammal spectacular.
Whiskers Theatre (Kid's World)
  Sea Lion Fun Time
A drama that reveal a “day in the life” of sea lions and how they prepare for their show.
  Whiskers and Friends
Sing, dance and play games with Whiskers and his friends. It is a wonderful show to all children.
When you’re at Ocean Park, you’re never far from great food and refreshment.
Main Entrance/Lowland Gardens  
  McDonald’s Restaurant, Coffee & Treats, Giant Panda, Mr.Squid, Cable Car Express.  
Kid’s World  
  Clowns Snacks, Cockatoo Express.  
Marine Land  
  Seaview Café, Pizza Place, Ocean Express, Dive into A Float, Light House Grill, Boardwalk Cafe.  
Headland Rides  
  McDonald’s Restaurant, Ice Cream Delight, Golden Friend Chicken.  
Adventure Land  
  Mine Train Hot Dog, Raging River Squid.  
Tai Shue Wan Entrance/Bird Paradise  
  Silk Snack, Middle Kingdom Restaurant, Ching Bar.  
Throught the park there’s plenty of opportunities to pick up souvenirs along the way. From handicrafts to plush toys, t-shirts and hats, there’s something for everyone on the list. Don’t forget to take home your favorite Ocean Park character for yourself.
Dive into Refreshment with Coca-Cola
Ocean Park brings you South East Asia’s first Coca-Cola concept zone. It’s great entertainment – and shopping – with a great variety of Coca-Cola branded merchandise. Order up a classic Coke, or one of many creative Coca-Cola Float variations. Chill out in Cool Zone and take photos with the eight-foot tall Coca-Cola Polar Bear. So enjoy the fun……and Enjoy Coca-Cola!!
The above information is for reference only & subject to change without prior notice.