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全球第四高、香港最高的「天際100」- 將於4月17日隆重開幕 - 提早預訂門票優惠只需港幣$98 (原價$150)!
澳門君悅酒店 + 水舞間「WOW」套票 - 五星級住宿+來回船票+早餐+人氣表演 - 每人只需港幣$1288起!
關西六福莊生態渡假旅館, 台北套票, 日月潭套票, 清境套票, 台中套票, 福泰桔子商務旅館, 淡水花間水岸休閒驛棧, 香格里拉空中花園, 香格里拉音樂城堡, BABY BOSS職業體驗任意城, 福華渡假酒店, 凱撒大飯店, 夏都沙灘酒店, 飛牛牧場
澳門君悅酒店 + 水舞間「WOW」套票 - 五星級住宿+來回船票+早餐+人氣表演 - 每人只需港幣$1288起!
全新澳門悅榕莊酒店「輕鬆體驗」套票 - 將於5月15日隆重開幕 - 體驗價只需每人港幣$1515起,額外再送多您一晚免費住宿! - HotelinHongKong.net 港遊網
澳門銀河酒店「殿堂體驗」套票 - 來回船票+酒店住宿+早餐+銀河餐飲券 - 至筍價每人只需港幣$930起!
澳門大倉酒店「和風體驗」套票 - 來回船票+酒店住宿+早餐+銀河餐飲券 - 至筍價每人只需港幣$858起!
今個五月,HiHK港遊網帶您闖進「澳門銀河」! 誠意推出激筍套票 - 來回船飛+澳門銀河星級餐飲券 只需港幣$258/套 - HotelinHongKong.net 港遊網
潮人潮玩! 旅遊新玩法! iVenture一卡在手.任玩熱門港澳或新加坡旅遊景點!
Happy Surprise Campaign (2011年8月17日 - 11月30日)
哈囉喂又來了! 準備好闖入香港迪士尼樂園及海洋公園的詭秘世界未? - HotelinHongKong.net 港遊網
Ocean Park Halloween Bash 2011 -【Pandemonium Breaks Loose】
The dead have risen to claim the Earth! - from Sep 23 - Oct 31
Fear Factory
Seal your fate and slam shut your own coffin at this diabolical factory, where the undertaker will drive you to the end of your wits! Many of his employees have already mysteriously disappeared. Escape the insidious assembly line through heart-pounding slides, a dizzying maze and an ultimate leap into the beyond.
Nightmare in 3D
Appearing for the first time in Hong Kong, this 3D plunge into the abyss will leave you trembling in fear! Innovative audio-visual displays on the walls and floors will bring you screaming into the bowels of the death world. You have never felt fear as real as in this high tech haunt.
Macabre Studio
Your starring role may be your last when you come face to face with this estranged director! Scenes and takes are very real in his never ending films, and you will join Asia’s most notorious screen ghosts in your movie debut.
Torture Chamber of the Dragon Empress
Chinese history’s most cruel empress is back from the dead in her hidden torture chambers deep within the Forbidden Palace! Experience the ultimate tools of pain, from flying guillotines to stretching racks, and devices that tear you apart from limb to limb.
The Bloody Workshop
Is this an artist’s studio or a slaughterhouse? What kind of eerie art is this? Be the judge in this macabre exhibition meticulously crafted from dead carcasses. The deranged artist himself is available to create a masterpiece for you.
Paper Doll Paradise
The damned are partying at this explosive paper doll extravaganza! Immerse yourself in burning sensation with the afterlife’s most glamorous denizens at an avant garde celebration like none other. Meet the ultimate slaves to fashion.
The Last Bus
Take the final ride of the day, rumoured to be only for the most ghostly of creatures. Learn of their tales, some of which have become common lore in Hong Kong. Ride with nightmares of the most ghastly scenes from the city, and create chills that stay in your spine for years to come.
Zombie Mayhem
At this abandoned military camp, the dead are everywhere to face their foes in their final battle. Choose from 2 different frightening routes, but choose well, or it could be your last walk into the night! Escape the onslaught of monsters with your trusty laser gun and live to see tomorrow.
"Lose your Head" at the dark side of Disney
from Sep 22 - Oct 31,lose your way along the sinister pathways of darkness...
Revenge of the Headlness Houseman
Watch out for the Headless Horseman, who will be roaming the park searching for the fiend who ruthlessly took his head. It's your choice how you'll "lose your head" at the Dark Side of Disney!

Cursed Jungle
From an eerie graveyard and the haunted streets of a forgotten American era to the creepy pathways of the Cursed Jungle, there's plenty to test your nerve.

Glow in Park Parade
Once a year this sensationally spooky parade glows in the dark. Behind Jack Skellington and his creepy Pumpkin Men on parade. Scream with Disney Villains and gasp at the spine-chilling acrobatics of the Red Devils...

Main Street U.S.A. Ghost Town
Main Street U.S.A will be transformed into an eerie "Main Street U.S.A. - Ghost Town" where spirits wander and haunt during their Ghostly Gathering.

Main Street Haunted Hotel
The mystery surrounding the atrocities which took place in the Main Street Hotel were explained last Halloween but the haunting continue. The dark soul of Victoria Maxwell roams the rooms, hungry for new victims. So, if you seek a spine tingling sensation, check into the Hotel and hope that you stay is not for a lifetime!

Space Mountain Ghost
Explore the darkness of the outer regions of an alternate Universe on this fast and furious rollercoaster. Space Mountain has been transformed with a hauntingly eerie sound track, ghoulish monstrosities and scary apparitions that make your heart race and your skin crawl. Ghost Galaxy is not a journey for the feint hearted!

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